Saturday, April 11, 2009

What if they Are All Corrupt?

Sometimes somebody expresses a sentiment better or as well or from a different perspective than we can ourselves. This is one of those times.

What if they are all corrupt?

"Unfortunately, with all of their prowess, vision of the future and the knowledge of history and human behavior, the Founders erred badly in their assumption that a body of men who hold power would not continuously strive to increase their power, in spite of the Separation of Powers doctrine embedded in the core of the constitution. They further erred in assuming that the PEOPLE would pay attention and hold those men with the power, accountable. Both assumptions have turned out to be grossly wrong and what you see around you today, nationally and internationally, are the result of those wrong assumptions.

The Founders provided mechanisms in the constitution for weeding out the bad ones through impeachment or recall proceedings. Except for one thing; these men and women of power will protect their own and there is no inside power to keep them from doing so. The only other power to offset the corrupt ones is the outside power of..."

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